Parkinson’s disease


Parkinson’s disease is known to cause muscle rigidity and slowness of movements and eventually can cause an impairment in speech and articulation, affecting one’s ability to be understood. It is generally lesser known, but Parkinson’s disease can also lead to difficulties in swallow function due to the same rigidity and incoordination of movement.

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Traditional speech therapy for Parkinson’s includes voice and articulation therapy; however, the gold standard LSVT LOUD® treatment protocol was specifically designed in 1985 for the effective treatment of voice in Parkinson’s disease through the application of an intense treatment protocol with proven outcomes not just for Parkinson’s disease, but for many other impairments as well.

Salubris Speech Therapy offers both the LSVT eLOUD® online program and the in-person LSVT LOUD® program with certification in both modalities. Treatment through the LSVT LOUD® and eLOUD® protocols are the same – one is delivered live in person and the other is delivered live through the internet browser with video and audio connection. Both modalities have been proven effective!

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