LSVT eLOUD™ for Parkinson’s

To learn more about the LSVT LOUD™ voice and speech treatment program for Parkinson’s, click here.

Salubris Speech Therapy is licensed to treat in Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

LSVT eLOUD® for Parkinson's at Salubris Speech Therapy

We now offer LSVT eLOUD™ ONLINE to address Voice and Speech in Parkinson’s!

We utilize TheraPlatform secure software through your web browser to deliver live rehabilitation services with high-quality video and audio. There is no software to download!

Steps include:

  1. Book a FREE 15-min online consultation with our speech therapist
    • Get answers to any questions you may have
    • Complete a brief voice/speech screen to determine suitability
  1. Complete a laryngeal exam (exam of your voice box)
    • This can be completed by an Ear Nose and Throat physician (ENT) or your general physician
    • A laryngeal exam is necessary to be sure there are no contraindications to intensive voice therapy
    • Results of this exam are required before the start of the program, per LSVT LOUD™ protocol
    • ENT or physician referral will be provided following consultation/screen, if therapy is deemed appropriate
  1. Complete a formal speech and voice evaluation and begin treatment!

LSVT eLOUD® for Parkinson's at Salubris Speech Therapy

Basic requirements:

  • Web camera (or built-in computer camera)
  • Microphone (or built-in computer microphone)
  • The latest Google Chrome browser (see this article)
  • Internet speed of at least 3 MB/sec – test your internet speed here:
  • Headphones are highly recommended


  • Due to the Coronavirus threat, most insurances are now reimbursing for online therapy (teletherapy)
  • Uninsured: $100 for initial evaluation only ($125 includes a formal report)
  • Call or email for current per-session rate or package cost
  • We accept major credit cards by phone or online.

If your insurance will not reimburse for teletherapy services, or if we are considered out-of-network for your carrier, we can provide a speech therapy superbill for you to submit to your insurance plan.

We also offer LSVT LOUD in-person at our office.

If you live outside of our service area, please click the following link to find an LSVT LOUD certified speech-language pathologist near you:

LSVT LOUD® - Salubris Speech Therapy