Salubris is Closing

Message from the owner:

I have personally served clients at Salubris Speech Therapy since 2018, and I deeply regret the need to close this beloved practice.

A number of business and personal factors have led to this decision. Maintaining a practice is more than full-time work, and I am simply unable to continue to meet the demands of the practice at this time and in the foreseeable near future. I know the need exists for adult-oriented outpatient speech therapy services, so the decision has weighed heavily on my heart, but closing the practice is necessary at this time.

Please do not call the office. Unfortunately, we receive so many calls and messages that it is, sadly, impossible to return each of them in a timely manner, especially at this time.

Currently, I am unaware of another adult-oriented speech-language pathologist in this region who accepts insurance. There is an SLP in Orlando who specializes in adult-oriented therapy but who does not accept insurance at this time: Ms. Lakisha Dawkins (407) 630-5885

To those I have served, my service to you or your loved one has touched my soul in a very meaningful way, and I will never cease to be a speech-language pathologist because of the reward in this great work. I hope that circumstances improve and that I can soon return to the much-needed specialty of outpatient rehab.

To other speech-language pathologists, there is an ongoing need for adult-oriented outpatient rehab in Osceola County.

I wish all the very best,