Dementia is a broad term to describe the disease process of the brain in which cognitive-communication skills are lost over time, causing a disruption to daily life activities. Alzheimer’s disease is one type of dementia.

Cognitive-communication impairments seen in dementia can include decreased memory and reasoning skills, impaired word-finding during conversation, altered personality, reduced balance, impaired swallowing ability, and other issues.

Typically, the disease process occurs in seven (7) recognizable stages, and treatment varies according to the stage of dementia and the individual needs of the client and family. Treatment ranges from improving memory and recall of specific items, to training sequences for safer ambulation or completion of tasks, to providing family education in order to maximize the client’s independence and communication for improved quality of life.

At Salubris Speech Therapy, we offer communication modalities and provide support for both the client and family, as dementia does not only affect the individual, but it often has a major impact upon the client’s family as well. We want to ensure that the quality of life of both our client and family is improved with knowledge and communication skills known to be effective in the treatment of dementia and its related challenges.

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