Prepare for Your First Online Session


Technical requirements for successful online speech therapy:

  • Latest version of Google Chrome or Safari web browser
  • Connection speed of 3 Mb minimum – Click here to test your speed
  • Computer camera
  • Microphone
  • Headphones (recommended)

Helpful Steps:

  1. Check if your connection speed meets minimum requirements: 
    1. Go to, click “Go” button and wait for the results to appear.
    2. The minimum speed requirements are the following:
      Ping: 25
      Download: 3MB/sec
      Upload: 3MB/sec
      If the connection speed does not meet minimum requirements, try using wired network connection instead of wireless connection and run the test again.
  2. Download required browser: Please, refer to this article for how to download or update your browser.
  3. Verify your headphones and microphone are connected to your computer and run the WebRTC troubleshooter
    1. Click on this link to test connectivity, camera and microphone setup.
    2. If your camera or microphone check fails make sure your camera is installed and drivers are configured.
    3. If your connectivity check fails, your firewall will need to be adjusted (See #4).
  4. Adjust Firewall settings if necessary.
    1. Minimum Requirements: Open TCP port 443 for outbound SSL and non-SSL traffic to *
    2. Better Experience: Open UDP port 3478 for inbound and outbound traffic to *
    3. Important: Once you open the port run WebRtc troubleshooter (Point 3) to verify your network is configured correctly.
  5. Windows (we recommend windows 10) or Mac computer.