Aphasia is a condition most-often caused by stroke and results in difficulty with any or all of the following language functions: Speech, reading, writing, and listening. Aphasia can also be caused by other injury to the brain, including traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, and brain disorders.

Aphasia - Salubris Speech Therapy

Aphasia can cause disruption to one’s career or social life, which can be devastating without the appropriate rehabilitation program.

At Salubris Speech Therapy, we utilize the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia treatment model. This model prioritizes speech and language goals to have the greatest impact upon our client’s recovery and quality of life. We also provide family education and training to increase our client’s support base and to provide support to loved ones as well.

The owner of Salubris Speech Therapy has years of experience in working with individuals with aphasia and their families.  Contact us for a free consultation to determine if Salubris Speech Therapy can meet your needs in the Kissimmee, Florida area.