Speech Therapy Printable Resources

We always provide printable resources FREE of charge to our clients. But we now sell these materials online as well! We hope these materials help <3

Find these resources on the following platforms:

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Articulation Sheets by Speech Sound: These target a single consonant or vowel sound (phoneme) in order to practice articulating that sound in the beginning, middle, and end of the word. Each sheet separates the target words by their word position for ease in production.

Much thought (and time!) was put into collecting the appropriate words for each sound. For example, sounds that typically develop later on are included toward the end of sound pages for earlier developing sounds or not included if there are plenty of easier words already. Also, more complex and multi-syllabic words are placed toward the end of the sound pages, if at all.

This consideration reduces frustration during practice 🙂

Always take the guidance from your own speech-language pathologist, but in general, only have concern for the target sound while practicing with these sheets – other sounds will usually be targeted separately until skill level(s) increase.

Articulation Sheets for Minimal Pairs: These speech sound worksheets compare 2 words at a time that vary by a single consonant or vowel sound! This highlights the difference in sounds and assists with tuning the ears for each sound, teaches young ones that there is a difference in vocabulary when the sound is misarticulated, and assists with sound production training by switching from one word to the next.

Voice Practice Sheets for Resonance: Coming!

Social Stories for Children with Autism: Coming!