Speech Therapy Services for Children

Speech Therapy for Children - Salubris Speech Therapy, LLC

We offer pediatric speech therapy services for the following:

Pediatric Speech Therapy - Salubris Speech Therapy, LLCArticulation disorder, in which words are slurred or incorrectly pronounced, affecting speech clarity. Speech therapy includes instruction in the formation of clear and distinct sounds and/or strengthening of the muscles for articulation for improved and intelligible speech.



Articulation - Salubris Speech Therapy, LLC

Childhood Apraxia, a complex speech disorder in which the child has difficulty connecting speech sounds from the brain to the speech muscles. Therapy involves sensory cueing, motor programming strategies, and rhythmic and intonation patterning, customized to the individual client following stimulability testing. When basic communication is severely limited, augmentative and alternative communication methods will be introduced and developed to improve the child’s ability to communicate effectively with family and others while continuing to target speech production.

Articulation - Salubris Speech Therapy, LLC

Phonological Disorder, a speech sound disorder in which sounds in words are incorrectly pronounced due to sound mis-identification. An example would be pronouncing every word beginning with “b” with a “d” instead; there is usually a pattern of mispronounced or neglected sounds. Treatment targets these incorrect sound patterns for success in verbal speech production.